Download Lagu Ost The Legend of the Blue Sea Lengkap

Download Soundtrack The Legend of the Blue Sea Lengkap | The Story of the Blue Sea (Hangul: 푸른 바다의 전설; RR: Pureun bada-ui jeonseol) is a Southern Korean television set series starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho. It shown on SBS every Thursday and Thursday night at 22:00 (KST) began from 16 November 2016 until 25 January 2017.

Inspired by way of a classic Joseon story from Korea's first assortment of unofficial historical stories, in regards to a fisherman who catch and kidnapped a mermaid, this theatre instructs the love report between the kid of an Joseon commendable family known as Kim Dam-ryeong (Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid he known as Se-hwa (Jun Ji-hyun). When Dam-ryeong was a youngster, he almost drowned but was kept by way of a mermaid. Following incident, they truly became friends and Dam-ryeong called her Se-hwa, after his youthful sister.

They finished up slipping in love, but 1 day Dam-ryeong was obligated by his family to marry another woman. Devastated by the news headlines, Se-hwa chooses to leave Dam-ryeong permanently and erased all his stories of her and their love. However, destiny brings them back jointly and they attempted to flee from humans who had been going to split up them. Fearing that the same ill-fate that afflicts himself and Se-hwa will replay itself, Dam-ryeong delivers an artifact to be uncovered in the foreseeable future to alert his future do it yourself.

Nah yang sudah nonton filmnya dan senang dengan themesongnya, mimin akan membagikan link download kumpulan ost The Legend of the Blue Sea full album yang mudah didownload siapa tau sobat sedang mencarinya, terima kasih..

Soundtrack The Legend of the Blue Sea
Track List CD 1 :
Sound Of Ocean
어디선가 언젠가
그대라는 세상
너에게 기울어가
Love Story
설레이는 소년처럼
만에 하나
하루에 하나씩
내가 왜 이럴까

Soundtrack The Legend of the Blue Sea
Track List CD 2 :
숨겨진 이야기 (Feat. 한아름)
나의 이름 (Feat. 한아름)
다음 이 시간에
너를 찾아가는 길
인어의 바다1
인어의 바다2
인어의 바다3
사라진 기억 (Feat. 한아름)
달콤한 기다림
함께라서 좋아
네가 서있는 그곳
꿈속에서 (Feat. 한아름)
사라진 기억 (Reprise)
마음이 보여
진주의 정성
Agent Blue
내가 살던 곳에는
나의 이름 (Reprise)
다시 만날 수 있을까